Palm Leaf- Dassavatar

Palm Leaf- Dassavatar

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Product Type : Dassaavatar Palm leaf pattachitra engraving.

Odisha is home to some of the earliest engravings in the world. A legacy to which palm leaf engravings or talapatachitra is linked. It thrives among artisans of Raghurajpur art and crafts cluster near Puri.
It is one of the most ancient crafts of the world.

Palm leaf engraving also called Talapatra Chitra. Where TALAPATRA CHITRAS, (tala- palm, Patra- leaf, Chitra- illustration) these palm leaf paintings hold a world of tales and secrets. It is beautifully depicted by the artists of Odisha. The themes they generally use are mythological, spiritual. A sharp pen-like object is used on the palm leaf. A concoction of charcoal, turmeric powder, and oil is applied to the leaf. Ink is used on the palm leaf to highlight the design. For sketching and detailing they use the sharp pen-like object. The theme they generally involve religious and spiritual ideas. This craft extends to various objects and products.

Ideal for : Home/ office/ Temples / Corporate gifting
Material : Palm leaf.                                                                                                        Dimension : 13 x 13 inches.

The palm leaf etching craft of Odisha is still alive because of the skilled craftsmen of Raghurajpur and nearby villages in Odisha’ s Puri. Raghurajpur village is known for its master Pattachitra painters.

This unique Palm leaf Pattachitra has been hand-crafted and may contain slight irregularities which are the hallmark of these paintings.

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