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The hub to all things indigenous to Odisha, with our heritage as our inspiration. Your search for the luxurious & finest Odisha handlooms and handicrafts, diligently crafted by our weavers and artisans ends at Fabodisha. The tales of Kalinga land are whispered in its weaves, the spirit of Odisha spun in its loom, the culture carved in its crafts and history etched into its ornaments. Our endeavour is to popularise & market Odisha's finest handloom & handicraft across the globe.

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customer reviews


Thank you Fabodisha team. You guys are doing the best for us, i am so glad to find the authentic, precious sarees with genuine price.

Subhalakshmi Ray
West Bengal, India

Have bought 2 of my sarees from FabOdisha and they are absolutely gorgeous. No question about the quality of course!
The delivery was on time, quality on point and most importantly they are promoting the art and the artisans!

Gayathri Padhi
Rourkela, India

They have a very unique and excellent collection of art and handicrafts. It is really beautiful. I have had a seamless experience starting from ordering till the delivery. And, moreover, it also feels great, when you know that, you are actually supporting the local artisans by buying from Fabodisha. The products truly represents Odisha in so many ways.

Sagar Parida
Bangalore, India

Fabodisha has an excellent collection of products that are true to roots of Odisha and showcase the beautiful craftsmanship , culture and authenticity of Odisha. Very profession and on time seem less delivery and good support at personal level for all queries.

Ruchi Mishra
Bangalore, India

We received your parcel today. N trust me the quality of warli wall hanging is soo sooo good. So authentic, thank you Fabodisha for such delivery and awesome product with reasonable price 😊would give 5 star rating to your service and products.

Subhra Behura
Bangalore, India

I had recently ordered a saree from Fabodisha and the experience was fabulous. They have a wide range of handlooms, home accents, pattachitras and fine arts , which are beautifully categorized under sub-sections. I would recomend all to visit their site and explore Odisha's finest handlooms and handicrafts.

Babita Patnaik
Poplar Bluff, Missouri, US