Lord Ganesha Pattachitra

Lord Ganesha Pattachitra

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This Marvellous Pattachitra Depicts Ganesha

MEASUREMENTS : 19nches ×13inches
Fabric : Canvas.

This exquisite wall art has been hand-painted with Pattachitra artwork on canvas. It will certainly add a traditional touch to your wall and brighten up your living spaces.A folk art from Odisha, Pattachitra gets its name for patta, which denotes a dried palm leaf in the local language. Pattachitra is a form of miniature art that dates back to 12th century AD. They are made on cloth canvas or palm leaves using colors made by stones, conch, and lamp soot. The motifs are typically mythological in nature with emotive facial expressions. Traditionally, the paintings were used as an offering to the Lord Jagganath.

This unique Pattachitra wall art has been hand-painted by Artitians of Raghurajpur and may contain slight irregularities which are the hallmark of these paintings.

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